At the LAK Group, we work with leaders to transform business goals into human strategies that put the right people in the right seats so everyone wins – even as your market changes.

People have always been, well…people. Complex. Emotional. But at least they used to be more predictable.

During the 20th century, business leaders rallied workers around the flag of loyalty. They told their employees, “Give us your best years and we’ll take care of you.” This was The Employment Contract.

Now, the best people have different expectations and demands. The rookies want different things than the seasoned pros. Some people don’t know what they want, but you need them all because you have a business to run, and competition is stiffer than ever.

This is where we come in.

We help you transform your business goals into people strategies by creating sustainable plans for culture, development, retention and outplacement. We make business dreams come true by helping you empower your people to execute on them.

Welcome to The New Talent Contract. Are you ready?

Our Values

Performance – Creating a workplace where people feel inspired, trusted, engaged, developed, challenged and valued.

Empathy – Seek to understand based on a foundation of genuine curiosity.

Opportunity – Creating career and organizational transformation, making dreams come true.

Potential – Enabling others to find and develop the strengths in all talent.

Leadership – Agile leaders are those who have deep personal integrity, a willingness to learn from experience, and translate that knowledge into action and are change resilient.

Excellence – Understand needs, make and meet commitments and deliver amazing experiences.

A Continuous Commitment to our Community

We believe that it’s simply not enough to do right by and for people as it relates to business, which is why our team members volunteer their time, talents and expertise by giving back to the communities in which we live and work.

The main causes and organizations that the LAK Group team positively impacts through volunteer service and financial contributions include:

Are You Delivering on The New Employment Contract?

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