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Your Career Road Trip…

Your career is the biggest road trip you will ever take, and on this trip, the journey is the destination. You know where you’ve been. Do you know where you are going? Recently, I had a chance meeting with an old colleague of mine about her career and the planning...

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How to Work a Room – 10 Tips

Behold the power of know, that thing that everyone talks about and most people fear. Networking defined is that all-powerful process of interacting with others to cultivate productive relationships, exchange information, and develop...

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Agile Leaders: Nature Versus Nurture

The word “agile” refers to one's ability to move and maneuver quickly; to be nimble, spry, dexterous, and graceful. Translated into the business world, agile leaders are those who make decisions quickly, build relationships and see an organization as a unified...

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