We Help You Discover Your Human Advantage.

When you harness the potential in people, profound change can happen. We’ve seen it time and time again in our decades of work helping professionals and companies discover their best selves. In fact, we believe humanity provides us with our greatest resource – because people and their vast potential for innovation and leadership are what drive the future. We help people and companies find their rhythm, get in sync, and discover real success.

“The evolution of leaders requires experiences, learning and reflection. This includes taking on difficult situations, adapting, and learning from those challenges.”

Mike Grubich – Owner, LAK

We’re led by two guys who have been there and back again in the corporate world.

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We make professionals and companies better. Period.

Our Services

The corporate landscape has undergone profound change over the last five years. And staying focused, remaining cohesive, and building culture has become extremely challenging. Companies and professionals everywhere find themselves out of rhythm. We work with you to get you back on track and in sync. Your success depends on it. We work as an extension of your company, fitting seamlessly into your culture.

Our services include:


At the heart of every successful business is talent — the talent you have, and the talent you need. We move at the speed of business, using a blend of science and research to inform your talent selection and development decisions.

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Career Coaching

We provide career coaching to help professionals achieve their goals and navigate uncertain career paths with tailored guidance and expertise. With decades of experience, we understand the challenges of career transitions and offer hands-on coaching to get individuals on the right path.

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Is your company a great place to work? What would your employees say about you? If you have any doubt, we can help get the answers you need and help transform your current culture to where it needs to be. We can uncover gaps and identify priority areas for shaping behaviors and drive positive culture improvements.

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Executive Coaching

Some of your most promising employees are just steps away from becoming rock stars. We can unlock their potential. Our coaching group is diverse, and our approach is founded on the International Coaching Federation’s core principles. We’ve seen great results, including increases in self-awareness, accelerated learning, critical thinking skills development, and better leadership performance.

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Human Capital

Our collective corporate culture is experiencing a period of reinvention, and a new business future is being forged. We get everyone laser focused on your goals and outline structures and processes to transform your culture and make it thrive.

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Leadership Development

We wrote a book called. “Leadership on Purpose” –in it, we outline our philosophies about what makes a great leader and how to create better leaders within your organization. We can help your people become better leaders, giving them the tools to succeed, unlocking potential and unprecedented company growth.

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Non-Profit Executive Recruiting

Finding experienced executives for high level positions in non-profit organizations can be a daunting task. We offer extensive expertise and experience and work closely with you to understand your organization’s specific needs, culture, and goals.

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It’s a part of doing business in the modern world. And while outplacement can be fraught with extremely difficult decisions, there is a right way and wrong way to go about it. We work as an extension of your company when you need outplacement services, and make sure your employees are treated well and your company’s reputation remains solid. We even offer affected employees professional guidance, getting them back on track.

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Companies with highly effective talent management strategies achieve 26% higher revenue per employee and 41% lower turnover among high-performing employees. LAK offers a purpose-based, business-aligned approach to talent and succession.

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Talent Acquisition

Finding great people can be like pushing a heavy rock uphill. But it’s essential for business success. We lighten the load, helping you with talent acquisition, succession planning, retention practices and performance management. You can reach your goals with our help – we can transform your talent management practices.

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Get Back in Rhythm.