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At the LAK Group, we work with leaders to transform business goals into human strategies that put the right people in the right seats
so everyone wins – even as your market changes.



Outperforming the competition begins with knowing exactly what your business needs to win. And making sure you’re selecting and developing the best and brightest talent is the key. Our assessment strategy framework helps organizations develop a clear point of view and ends with integrating assessments into your talent and business strategies. We offer a variety of assessments to help you truly understand your culture, your current leaders and candidates to take your business to the next level. Our assessment solutions provide organizations with a clear understanding of the talent they need, the talent they have, and how to close the gaps.

Culture Shaping

We help companies shape their organizational culture to address the ever-changing landscape of business situations and challenges, and use their culture to drive business success. We deploy high-impact change resiliency methods to help your people effectively transition through change.

Leadership Development

Effective leadership development helps organizations engage their people, unlock potential, and experience unprecedented growth. It’s often difficult to know which individuals in an organization have the ability to rise up and become extraordinary leaders. We can help you find the needle in the haystack. Our leadership development experiences leverage advanced learning practices and coaching to help organizations develop the next generation of leaders – smart, dynamic professionals prepared to lead their organizations into the future with confidence.

Career Coaching

We offer high-value, transformative career advancement and transition coaching for individuals who may be unsure of how to reach the next stage of their career or those who are looking to write their next chapter. Our career coaches personalize each experience to support each individual and his/her unique situation and career goals.

Talent Strategy

Business strategy alone is not enough to stay competitive in today’s market. Organizations must have a talent strategy that is integrated with your overall business strategy. Whether it is talent acquisition, succession planning, assessment, performance management, retention practices, talent development or other organization development practices, we deploy a flexible and collaborative approach in helping you review your strategy, identify and analyze any gaps in your strategy, processes or systems, define and deploy proven methods of improvement and measure the impact to help your business transform your talent management practices.


We deliver the business outcomes of exceptional leadership to your organization by helping you to unlock the potential of your leaders. Whether you’re looking to advance the most senior leaders in your organization or work within your existing culture to build an environment that breeds success for workers across all levels in the organization. Our coaching approach provides a high-impact learning experience that results in behavior change and business success.


Organizations are all facing unprecedented change – so they’re transforming their workforces to keep pace. In addition, the new talent contract requires moving people on who lack the correct skills or who no longer fit the business structure, while at the same time moving key people into new roles, and finding new talent. We specialize in assisting individuals who have been outplaced by identifying and securing meaningful employment that is aligned with their passions, and by building the brands and cultures of organizations that offer purpose-driven outplacement.

Candidate Profiles

Are you looking to fill a specific role in your organization? We can connect you with the perfect candidate.