Your success is tied to knowing and recognizing great talent. We can help.

To successfully execute your business strategy, you need to have the right people in the right place at the right time. Unfortunately, great employees don’t just walk through your front doors; they’re strategically hired and carefully developed.

At LAK we help you discover your human advantage by working with organizations like yours on all aspects of talent selection and development. Our methodology centers around deploying research-based tools to help you select and advance the best and brightest employees so your business can outsmart and outperform your competition.



Our assessment strategy framework helps organizations develop a clear point-of-view and ends with integrating assessments for selection and development into your talent and decision-making practices. At the LAK Group, we have the depth and breadth of knowledge and experience in assessments, talent management, strategy development, change management, and general business strategy design. We understand how key elements of your purpose and business strategy need to align with your talent strategy. Collaboratively, we’ll work with you to ensure your assessment solution is based on best industry practices while also meeting your organization’s current needs and looking into the future.


Using a combination of interviews and behavioral assessment tools, our experienced team can help you identify an individual’s strengths and developmental opportunities. We provide safe, non-judgmental feedback to deliver the insights required for professional development, personal fulfillment, and business success through this process.


By leveraging a customized suite of research-based assessment tools, we provide you predictive insights focused on selection, job fit, cultural fit, and development. Our assessments are valuable during the candidate selection process and in helping you to identify which individuals have the potential to take your business to the next level.


Do you really know what your employees think of your current leadership, their behaviors, and the culture they create? Stop guessing by engaging the LAK Group to use our assessment-based process to get the answers you need. By comparing your current culture to where you want it to be, we can uncover gaps and identify priority areas for shaping behaviors and driving positive cultural transformation in your organization.


One of the most critical decisions a healthcare organization makes is selecting new physician leadership. Correcting a wrong hiring decision can cost your organization 1.4 times the leader’s annual salary, not to mention the disruption and toll it can take on your already stretched clinical team. The LAK Group’s Physician Leadership Assessment Center takes each candidate through a behavior-based process, identifying leadership capabilities and development opportunities based on a researched-based leadership behavior model. Our assessments dig much deeper than the usual interview, curriculum vitae, and reference checks by providing the objective information and insights you need to identify and develop the best physician leaders in the right place at the right time.


Our comprehensive approach to executive assessment employs multiple methods to evaluate an individual’s ability to perform, fit and make an enduring impact in a critical leadership role while also decreasing uncertainty and risk involved when adding senior leaders though hiring, promotion, and succession planning.

Through interviews, testing and the use of success profiles, we dive deep to understand a candidate’s behavior and their impact. Before every assessment, we learn about the role, the team, the organization, and the candidate to ensure we understand what an extraordinary leader looks like for you. After the assessment, we debrief stakeholders through our thinking before delivering an in-depth written report. At LAK Group, we offer an objective perspective for key talent management processes, including:

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