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H-06 Global E-Commerce Growth Strategist & Data Analytics Expert (Illinois)

Strategic eCommerce Visionary and Growth Catalyst: Demonstrated exceptional ability to drive market expansion and revenue growth through insightful data-driven decision-making and innovative digital commerce solutions. Data Analytics and Reporting Expertise: Developed a groundbreaking eCommerce dashboard and enhanced keyword performance metrics, significantly improving decision-making processes, customer engagement, and overall business performance. Cross-functional Leader and Team Mentor: Skilled in influencing and collaborating with global teams, effectively developed and implemented new eCommerce capabilities and strategies, driving operational excellence and team development. Global Business Acumen and Cultural Agility: Cultivated a deep understanding of diverse business environments and cultural norms during a 2-year sabbatical in Germany, enhancing global business perspective and cross-cultural communication skills.


Innovative supply chain executive renowned for optimizing operations and delivering substantial cost savings. Excels in driving strategic growth and operational excellence for industry-leading organizations. Optimizes operations, drives substantial cost savings, and enhances supplier relationships. Recognized for visionary leadership, achieving 3-5% annual savings, and fostering operational excellence. Adept at implementing innovative processes, supplier risk management, and financial improvements. Skilled in building high-performing teams and promoting a culture of continuous improvement across global organizations.


Led several successful turn-around activities resulting in higher margins, improved metrics and better relationships with employees and customers. Developed a successful brownfield facility working together with equipment suppliers, local governments and schools, facility architects, employees, and customers. Improved EBITDA across 4 facilities from 14% to 22% through product optimization and continuous improvement activities on the plant floor. Led a facility through a transition of public ownership to private equity and implemented a new operating system within the planned timeline and budget. Led and closed 8 Six Sigma black belt projects yielding a savings of $1M.


Calm, approachable, and personable Tier II Desktop Support Specialist. Committed to providing outstanding customer service. Possesses a results-oriented focus, exceptional attention to detail and strong problem-solving skills to resolve end-user issues. Adept at utilizing effective communication and collaboration skills to meet user needs at all levels of the organization. Recognized as a versatile, consistent, and dependable team member with a “can-do” attitude. Thrives in fast-paced environments with rapidly shifting priorities.

I-08 SALES DIRECTOR (New Hampshire)

Ambitious and enthusiastic Sales Director with a proven track record of increasing sales, employee engagement and customer loyalty. Experienced in leading teams and maximizing performance to exceed targets. Customer centric with a strong understanding of exceptional service while growing sales. Avid participant and collaborator in leadership strategic discussions.


Self-motivated and driven Area Manager and Recruiter with 21 years of retail experience in diverse workforces. Team oriented with excellent communication skills and a successful track record of building and maintaining effective teams. Developed and maintained analytics for tracking metrics and utilized the results for vital business decisions including hiring.

G-02 Chief Information Officer/Chief Technology Officer/VP Information Officer (Illinois)

Experienced CIO with over 20 years, delivering IT solutions that boost efficiency, reduce costs, enhance security, and elevate service quality. Proven leader in organization-wide IT initiatives and team management.


Results-driven Engineering Manager with over 10 years of experience in designing and implementing transformative projects for manufacturing and logistics. Adept at developing and deploying global engineering standards, policies, and solutions in compliance with governmental regulations. Skilled in building strategic partnerships, driving operational efficiencies, and championing the adoption of best-in-class technologies.


Experienced Lab/Test Engineer with over 20 years of experience, spanning aerospace, medical devices, consumer goods, machine tools, racecar fabrication, and material failure analysis. Proven track record in designing and developing production prototypes, test stands, and manufacturing fixtures. Specializes in leveraging LabView expertise, creative problem-solving, and a versatile skill set to design and construct custom automated test systems and fixtures.