Discovering Your Human Advantage Starts With LAK.

A trusted partner. An expert guide. An experienced ally. At LAK Group we pride ourselves on being all three. It’s why over the years we’ve built an extensive track record of helping people and companies that are out of sync get back in rhythm. We take clients on a journey of personal and organizational discovery, all to help them become better leaders, more successful, and more fulfilled.

So, What Makes LAK Different?

“Leadership on Purpose,” written by The LAK Group’s Michael Grubich (President and Managing Partner) and Shelley Smith (Managing Director) provides rationale and a roadmap, along with tips, techniques and advice on attracting, inspiring, and retaining talent. We culled our decades of experience into this book to help companies and people get on the right track toward becoming an agile leader.

/ We’re not seagull consultants that sweep in, apply a quick solution, and then leave. We don’t drop in and out of an organization. We’re invested and focused on your success.

/ We dig deep during the discovery process, seeking to diagnose your fundamental problem, important challenge, or key opportunity within your organization.

/ We’re all about devising and providing sustainable solutions that can be easily implemented and owned by our clients.

/ We apply critical thinking when assessing a problem and generally do not simply accept what could be a superficial rendering of the problem by client management.

/ We become a critical part of the client team and an extension of our client’s brand. We call it our “Oz” Principle.

/ Because our leadership comes from the corporate world and has faced the same challenges our customers face, we have a deep sense of responsibility to see the process through to completion.

Discover How LAK Can Help You Find Your Rhythm.