Strong company cultures retain talent, thrive, and succeed. We can get you there.

The importance of having a strong company culture cannot be overstated. In fact, 86% of CEOs say that company culture is crucial for businesses seeking sustainable success. In today’s corporate environment, culture has become increasingly essential with the rise of employees working from home. There’s no better time to make culture change a priority.

“Culture is why talent comes to your company. And it’s how you keep talent in your company…”

Michael Grubich – LAK President & Managing Partner

The LAK Group takes a unique approach to culture shaping designed to create purposeful behaviors that drive business outcomes. Transforming workforce culture begins with objectives linked to your business strategy, which requires a story written to help your leaders and team members succeed in the workplace.

Our approach includes:

  • Inspiring your leaders to align with systems and processes
  • Anchoring behaviors within the organization to establish a sense of purpose
  • Shape mindsets to create organizational agility allowing employees to meet the challenge of an evolving marketplace

This philosophy can span an entire organization or focus on one sector of your business seeking clarity in their culture. Whatever it may be, LAK is here to lead the way in your transformation.

A five-step process that incites cultural transformation.

Our five-step experiential and integrated culture-shaping methodology will transform your company culture:

  1. Define the gap between the current and desired state of the business and identify a framework of resources
  2. Unify by developing behavioral expectations for your leaders that creates alignment within the organization
  3. Activate a plan of experiential education to engage leaders and teams demonstrating your desired culture
  4. Integrate talent and business processes to ensure the education of your employees become sustained practices
  5. Sustain these practices by measuring progress, adapting to needs, reinforcing your behaviors, and maintaining accountability

The LAK Group has built a framework that provides a dynamic set of tools and resources to support your organization through change regardless of size, scope, and business complexity. Smooth management transition requires this framework, as the process gives a structured plan to help your organization respond positively to change.

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