Leadership Development

It’s proven that companies go from good to great when their leaders go from good to great.

Our years of experience have told us two important things. That products and processes don’t make great organizations, agile leaders do. And that agile leaders exist at every level of your organization that possesses core leadership capabilities. Focusing on their successful development will help the organization succeed and help them attract, develop, and retain talent.

What makes an agile leader?
We wrote the book on it.

An agile leader can be a game changer in your organization.

They’re flexible, quick to act, and demonstrate the resilience necessary to adapt in any situation. They tolerate ambiguity, transition effectively through change, and translate complex problems into clear and specific actions. Their behaviors lead to higher engagement, trust, and the foundation of relationships. They demonstrate an openness to new ideas and innovations, possess the tools needed to inspire others, and become agents of change. 


LAK Signature Programs

LAK Group has programs that serve specific audiences with a specific purpose and are unlike others in the market.


A program for leaders in a shared leadership situation, i.e. Dyads in the health care space, co-leaders in other spaces. This six month program includes workshops, individual and dyad coaching, and a capstone presentation all focused on building a stronger partnership between the leaders.


This program is for emerging and developing leaders and offers a one-on-one development experience around the six attributes of an effective Agile Leader. It includes webinars with self-assessments and scenarios as well as several coaching sessions. This program can also be adapted for delivery to groups of leaders.


This workshop is for all leaders wanting to enhance their coaching skills and how they use coaching as a leadership style. It includes assessments, discussions, application to current situations, and practice opportunities.


This is a program of workshops and coaching that enhances the effectiveness of and appreciates the work load and expectations of nurse leaders.


In partnership with the Center for Physician Leadership Excellence, we assess the current level of leadership skills and abilities to successful physician leaders. The results of the assessments are then used to determine a goal and action steps within a coaching engagement with the physician.


Executives are being tested in unimaginable ways. Preparing for the challenges ahead requires senior team effectiveness, updating leadership skills, and cultivating a different mindset that embraces uncertainty and rapid change. This team development program will help achieve an even higher performing team, strengthen relationships and anchor trust, and will help establish an environment of open dialogue, transparent feedback, and the team’s ability to manage conflict. After customizing the content to the needs of the organization, self-assessments, team-assessments, workshops, and group coaching are used to bring a data driven, discussion, and application focus to the program.


When you focus on the potential in people, profound change can happen. At times, it can be more challenging for women leaders to identify and focus on their potential, grow their careers, and successfully contribute to the organization. This experience is a coaching-based program that encourages high performing women leaders to discover and define their own solutions and path forward, their most meaningful way to approach their careers, and additional ways to contribute to the success of their organizations.

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We offer custom Leadership Development programs for individuals and groups, dedicated to moving your leaders to the next level.