Case Study: Enabling an Effective Mentor Program In A Global Organization

CNH Industrial is a heavy equipment manufacturer focused on the agriculture and construction industry.  The construction business has designed and implemented a mentor program for up and coming leaders.  Developing the capabilities of future leaders leveraging internal expertise is a challenge for all organizations.  CNH implemented a mentor program for emerging global leaders who were located throughout North America, South America, and Europe. This mentor program introduced senior leaders to emerging leaders with a goal of creating a learning experience focused on individual needs.

CNH had one specific gap.  They wanted to include a process for developing the skills of both the mentor and the mentee so they could quickly establish an effective mentoring relationship.

The Solution

LAK group designed a learning experience designed to increase motivation and engagement of both the Mentors and the Mentees.  Additional outcomes included creating a “one team” mindset, alignment with leadership behavior expectations and understanding the roles, responsibilities, and skillset to be an effective Mentor and Mentee.

Delivered virtually, LAK Group developed and delivered a global program in multiple languages which included:

  • Three virtual workshops leveraging adaptive leaning principles and experiential learning.
  • Separate content and approach for mentors and mentees.
  • Dyad coaching for each individual pair of mentors/mentees.
  • A playbook for participants and their managers to help guide the mentoring process, accountability, and outcomes.

Our clients mentor program was a one-year commitment, and this learning experience was conducted using multiple, focused sessions scheduled throughout the first 3-months of the program.

The Impact

The CNH Construction team has seen improved retention of emerging leaders, along with stronger relationship within the leadership team globally.  The business is experiencing leaders gaining a stronger understanding of all functions and how they interact, creating a systems-thinking mindset and improving the overall collaboration and efficiency of global functions.

There has been a reverse mentoring impact on the senior leaders as they understand more context regarding the day-to-day challenges faced by each mentee.  One additional outcome is the improved strength of internal networks within the company leading to more effective business decisions.

Some of the feedback we received from the leadership team at CNH includes the following.

“Because of this mentoring experience I have seen how our leaders have become more collaborative along with improved communication with our dealers and the ability to prioritize more effectively.”

“As a Mentor, I have truly benefited from his experienced as a mentor and am better at understanding the issues facing the organization and how I can better manage my team effectively through challenges.”

“As a Mentor, this was a great opportunity to develop my skills to influence others and to better understand corporate processes and expectations outside of my area of responsibility.”