Helping you recruit the best candidates for your business is our business.

Every customer and every industry faces different hiring challenges. LAK’s proprietary talent acquisition process synthesizes our expertise, resources, and technologies with your needs. We collaborate with you, identifying strategies and solutions that boost your company’s productivity. Our seasoned staff is strategic, highly focused, and creates specific programs that are custom crafted to contribute to your business objectives.

The LAK Group approach is not a traditional acquisition process. We focus on identifying, selecting, and integrating a sustainable pipeline of diverse talent that will fit professionally and culturally through our talent placement and integration approach.


Integrating an assessment framework to align selection, development, and succession planning within all of the talent practices.


Our proprietary process synthesizes our expertise, resources, and technologies with your needs to fill critical roles.


We provide transition coaches to support the integration of new team members, reducing time to competence and increasing retention.

“Our process is adaptable to business needs. we leverage our unparalleled resources, technologies, expertise, and strategies to ensure our clients establish a sustainable talent pipeline.”

Mike Milsted – LAK President and Managing Partner

Recruiting by the numbers:

0% of passive candidates respond to a job opening

7% of hiring managers say they feel their current recruiting strategies attract good candidates

88% of hiring managers say they would like better candidates than they currently receive

104 days is the average amount of time a role for a strategic hire stays open

$50K is the average cost for a bad hire per a CareerBuilder survey

87 hours are spent internally managing a single job opening

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