Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare Solutions

Workforce shortages, high turnover, the changing healthcare environment and the shifting dynamics of the clinical workforce are making it difficult for healthcare organizations to find, retain and grow the best talent for leadership roles. To sustain patient outcomes and become an employer of choice, healthcare systems need to develop agile leaders who can impact employee and patient outcomes today while positioning the system for sustainable success in the future.

LAK Group’s approach provides unparalleled leadership and cultural transformation that empowers leaders with the skills they need to execute on the organization’s strategic vision and to inspire their teams towards an exemplary patient experience. Our areas of expertise specifically focus on:

  • Dyad Leadership Development
  • Physician Assessment for Leadership Capability
  • Nurse Manager Development

DYAD Leadership Development

Health systems and physician organizations face many complex challenges. To respond and proactively plan for these challenges, an organization’s management structure must support its culture, demonstrate financial stewardship and have strong leadership. For hospitals and other healthcare organizations that work or plan to work in a dyad leadership structure, ineffective administrator/clinician dyad relationships can impact the entire delivery team and quality of care delivered as well as cost the organization both time and money.

Developing Capabilities of Leaders

By creating a safe and engaging environment in which to build communication and trust between dyad partners and across other shared leadership roles in an organization, our leadership development experience provides dyad leaders with the skills they need to work effectively, foster a more collaborative environment for their teams and improve the quality of patient care and outcomes.

Our Approach

One-on-One Coaching: Conversation between the coach and each individual dyad member to debrief prework and assessments and identify individual goals for the program.

Dyad Coaching: Coaching sessions with both members of the dyad to further enhance their relationship, partnership, and application of workshop concepts.

Group Workshops: Learning sessions for all members of the group focused on skill building, barrier identification and resolution, and application practice exercises followed by dyad discussions.

Physician Assessment Center

One of the most important decisions you make is selecting a physician leader in your organization. Correcting a bad hiring or promotion decision can cost your organization 1.4 times the leader’s annual salary, not to mention the disruption and toll it can take on your already stretched clinical team. Strong physician leaders have a positive impact on the engagement of your clinical workforce. Our assessment center assists your organization’s promotion or hiring decision through:


  • Observable Behaviors – We can test the suitability of a candidate based upon relevant exercises and case studies that are specifically customized to a clinical environment and three physician leader levels.


  • Eliminate Guess Work – We provide realistic evidence-based data about your employees’ qualities that will maximize the precision and impact of your decisions.


  • Guaranteed Objectivity – We follow a meticulous assessment process that incorporates multiple assessment tools and assessors in order to ensure the highest level of objectivity.
  • Validity & Reliability – All our assessment tools are built on enduring psychological theories backed up by decades of research and testing, rendering the results highly valid and reliable.


  • Career Growth – Following the assessment center, participants receive in-depth feedback on their strengths and their development potential to benefit their career growth.

What's Included in Our Physician Assessment center?

  • Assessment: Complete the Hogan Personality Inventory, Hogan Diagnostic Survey and the Motives, Values and Preferences Inventory along with the Watson Glaser Test.
  • Action-Learning: 9 in-box challenges that might be faced by physician leaders 
  • Report: Comprehensive feedback report including development recommendations
  • Feedback: 45-minute individual feedback and development session
  • Role Play: Developing and engaging others, providing clear direction and establishing personal connections, collaboration, conflict management and influencing
  • Business Case: Business acumen, healthcare sector expertise, strategic visioning and systems thinking

Nurse Manager Development

Great nurse managers consistently engage their teams to achieve outstanding performance. They possess the tools needed to inspire others and become an agent for change or continuous improvement within an organization. These “agile leaders” become a talent magnet, while positively impacting business outcomes and nurse engagement. 

LAK Group's Nurse Manager Development Experience

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