The Power of AI-Enabled Coaching Programs

Ask any experienced leader about their first leadership role, and it probably goes something like this: “I was asked to take on a leadership role because of my talent, ambition, and natural leadership abilities. What I quickly learned was that the skills and abilities as an individual contributor don’t translate to leadership, and my manager didn’t have the time or resources to mentor me or invest in my long-term growth.”

As many as half of all leaders say their manager plays almost no role in growing their careers. Moreover, as many as two-thirds of new leaders believe their manager is too busy to mentor and have career discussions with them. 

The Evolution of Coaching Programs

In an increasingly competitive job market, employers are acutely aware that investing in a leader’s long-term growth and career satisfaction plays a major role in attracting and retaining top talent. Recognizing the vital importance of investing in employees’ long-term growth and career satisfaction, organizations are increasingly turning to a more personal approach – the integration of comprehensive artificial intelligence-enabled (AI) coaching programs. These coaching programs, which were once only available to the organization’s top leadership, provide the guidance and resources necessary for new leaders to align their aspirations with company goals, creating a relationship that benefits both parties and enhances retention rates.

Why AI-Enabled Coaching Programs?

So, why are AI-enabled coaching programs better than traditional coaching programs? According to a recent SHRM study, one-third of employees say they’ve already turned to career advice from AI, highlighting yet another example of how AI can change the very nature of mentoring, career coaching, and leadership development. AI can be helpful for general information on leadership, advice on career pathing, and information around sensitive questions employees may not feel comfortable discussing with their manager. 

The Blended Approach: AI and Human Coaching

However, when it comes to coaching and mentoring on things such as an individual’s strengths and career goals, a blended approach of AI and human coaching is the best way. For instance, LAK Group’s dynamic AI portal, ORIEL, coaches are using AI to tailor sessions that enhance specific communication skills such as presentation and conversations. 

Personalized Growth with AI-Assisted Coaching

Here’s how it works: ORIEL interacts with clients, simulating an interview, presentation, or critical conversation. ORIEL asks questions and records responses via video. It then analyzes things like hesitation, eye contact, voice inflection, stammering, or the quality of responses and delivery to give leaders pointers on handling these situations. It allows leaders to practice as much as they need and get further reinforcement and feedback from an LAK coach. This personalized approach not only boosts employees’ confidence but also encourages more effective contributions to the company’s success.

The blend of coaching and technology is introducing a promising era of rapid personal and professional growth. Placing more value on AI-assisted coaching will change the very nature of professional guidance for leaders and help position leaders for better long-term growth. As leaders recognize the value placed on their professional growth, they are more likely to stay with the organization, leading to improved retention rates and a more skilled and motivated workforce.

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