Our team places a particular focus on the coach and coachee relationship because it needs to be based on chemistry, fit, and trust. This ultimately helps ensure that we’re helping leaders and organizations achieve their desired coaching outcomes.

We actively pursure a diverse group of coaches that are carefully selected for our team and each engagement. The rigorous training and experience they have allow us to deliver a balance of business and industry expertise, passion, and coaching effectiveness.

LAK Group’s approach to coaching is founded in the International Coaching Federation’s (ICF) core principles. Our coaching model seeks to align individual performance to the needs of the organization. This enables us to be flexible and allows for scalability to meet the needs of your organization and employees at any level, anywhere in the world.

Results we have seen with our clients include increases in self-awareness, better and accelerated learning, critical thinking skills development, the improvement of leadership performance, and effectiveness in leading sustainable organizational change.

Watch the videos below to hear about all things Coaching from our Managing Director of Leadership Practice, Shelley Smith.

ALIGN coaching outcomes, organizational needs, and coach/coachee fit

TRANSITION the coachee and organization with a go forward plan.


DESIGN the coaching approach and plan

ACCELERATE learning and performance through coaching sessions


Executive coaching

Our coaches and coaching model have helped organizations achieve success in the following areas of Executive Coaching:

  • C-Suite and Board Advisory
  • Leadership
  • Onboarding and Transition
  • Emerging Talent

Team & Group Coaching

Team and group coaching is the backbone of contemporary business. LAK helps to focus on those who share a common vision, purpose, and desired outcome to enhance success. Team and group programs are often integrated with Leadership Development programs.

Coaching On Purpose – Coaching as a Leadership Style

We engage with organizations to develop coaching skills of leaders with our Coaching On Purpose – Coaching as a Leadership Style Program. Are you interested? Contact us today.

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