Leadership Development

Leadership Development

At the LAK Group, we believe that it is not the position that makes the leader, but the leader that makes the position. That’s why organizations should be focused on the successful development of strong and agile leaders at all levels of the organization.

The ability of your leaders to effectively guide your employees through a wide range of circumstances can mean the difference between success or failure of your business. Is your organization ready?

Our experience in partnering with organizations to link culture and leadership behaviors has led us to two very clear conclusions: First, products and processes do not make great organizations, agile leaders do. Second, agile leaders possess a set of core leadership capabilities, regardless of their position within their organization. And, if managers and supervisors are unaware of or don’t have the ability to develop these capabilities early in their careers, their careers may suffer, as well as the achievements of the businesses in which they contribute.

Agile Leadership

Agile leaders are inclusive and demonstrate an openness to new ideas and innovations. They possess most of the tools needed to inspire others and become agents of change within the organizations they serve. Agile leaders show flexibility to take quick action and demonstrate a level of resilience necessary to adapt to any situation. They can also tolerate ambiguity, transition effectively through change and they are able to translate complex situations into clear and specific actions.

All of these behaviors lead to higher engagement, more trust and stronger relationships. In short, agile leaders become a magnet for attracting talent to the organizations in which they belong.

If your organization is struggling to identify which individuals have the ability to rise up and become extraordinary leaders, we’re here to help.

Developing Leaders Through Adaptive Coaching

Through our research, LAK Group has identified six “game-changing” leadership capabilities that are core to developing agile leaders at every level in an organization. The outcome of this development process is a high-impact learning experience focused on specific development needs of each individual leader. The learning elements are based on six attributes of agile leaders. These program elements can be aligned to your company’s leadership competency model.

Leadership Development

Custom Design

At the LAK Group, we understand and appreciate that organizations are looking for contemporarily designed programs to address the requirements of today’s modern learner and the ever-changing goal posts associated with measuring business success. That’s why we offer the custom designed leadership development programs, dedicated to moving your managers and supervisors to the next level of leadership. For high-value, high-performing managers and supervisors with demonstrated greater potential, including those who need to focus on a very specific development opportunity, our customizable programs feature technology-supported individual learning content, combined with one-on-one coaching, meant to fortify learning and accountability. Help your leaders quickly turn obstacles into opportunities. Ask us about our customized leadership development coaching programs today.

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