The LAK Group is Introducing ORIEL – A New AI Coaching Tool That Will Profoundly Change Career Coaching and Outplacement

For more than two decades, human resource consultancy The LAK Group has been at the forefront of helping organizations and professionals reach their full potential and discover their human advantage. “The power in every organization is their people, so helping people hone their skills and reach their potential is essential,” says President & Managing Partner Michael Grubich

With a seasoned staff of career coaches with extensive experience in diverse industries, LAK has achieved great success. “Our culture does not stand still,” says Grubich. “We are always working towards expanding and improving our capabilities.” 

With ORIEL, a dynamic AI portal that will revolutionize career coaching and outplacement services, LAK has made a groundbreaking step forward. ORIEL is an AI that works in unison with an LAK career coach, helping clients hone three important skills – presentation, conversation, and interviewing. “It gives people real-time feedback,” says Andy Hillig, Practice Director, Career Management.

How It Works

Here’s how it works: ORIEL interacts with clients, simulating an interview, presentation, or critical conversation. ORIEL asks questions and records responses via video. It then analyzes things like hesitation, eye contact, voice inflection, stammering, or the quality of responses and delivery to give people pointers on handling these situations. It allows clients to practice as much as they need, and get further reinforcement and feedback from an LAK coach.

ORIEL also has specific tools based on the skill the client is working on. For interviewing, ORIEL can search any company and industry, crafting questions the company is likely to ask. For presentations, ORIEL can track your slides, ensuring information is clear and aligns with speaking points. For conversations with colleagues, ORIEL can select that person’s level within the organization, and their relationship to the client, and choose what personality traits they may have to make the conversation more realistic. ORIEL can also connect with regular meeting apps to record meetings and give feedback as well.

ORIEL is an AI tool that will change the very nature of career coaching and professional guidance. “It will make us and our clients better,” says Hillig. “It’s an incredible tool.”

LAK Group is currently utilizing and integrating ORIEL with clients in career coaching and outplacement.

More Information

For more information on how AI can help support career development, outplacement services, and general professional development, contact:

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