What are LAK Group's Coaching Services

At its core, the purpose of coaching in the workplace is to gain alignment between perception and intention of actions. Coaching increases self-awareness, drives better and accelerated learning, develops critical thinking skills, improves team leadership performance and provides sustainable organizational change.

The LAK Group coaching model seeks to align individuals to the needs of the organization. In order to accomplish this, we place particular focus on the coaching relationship and the connection of the coachee and the coach. To be effective, this relationship must be based on trust and chemistry.

Our approach to coaching is founded on the best practices of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the goal of helping leaders be more effective and intentional as individuals and members of teams and organizations.

Our coaching services focus on business outcomes and are based on a best practice methodology that delivers results.

  • Enable alignment of goals, business outcomes, career aspirations and values between the leader and organization
  • Focus on a specific development needs through in-depth assessment
  • Work collaboratively to create development plans that remove barriers, change behaviors, and achieve goals
  • Foster accountability by involving key stakeholders throughout the process
  • Partner with our portfolio of highly trained coaches, using our methodology for consistent and measurable results

Our approach is flexible and scalable to meet your need at any level, anywhere in the world.


Areas of Focus

C-Suite & Board Advisory

Advance your organization by providing your most senior leaders with guidance from professional coaches who understand the unique challenges that leaders face at this level.

Accelerated Coaching

When business demands necessitate fast-tracking leadership development, we help by identifying the few critical adjustments needed to support a mindset or enhanced leadership competence required to meet evolving expectations.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching can apply to any level of an organization with a focus on increasing self-awareness and establishing practical, actionable and measurable development steps to accelerate success in the development continuum.

Applications Coaching

The LAK Group will design a tailored approach to complement your existing internal Leadership Development (LD) program to ensure your learning objectives are put into practice on the job, quickly and effectively.

Onboarding/Transition Coaching

As the title implies, this coaching is applicable to leaders who are either new to their role and/or new to your organization. Onboarding coaching reduces the risk associated with new-in-role situations.

Team Coaching

High-performing teams are the backbone of contemporary business. We help to focus work teams who share common vision, purpose and values, accelerating their pace of success by helping them regroup, realign and reignite.

Millennial Coaching

Millennials are accustomed to a different way of engaging with work and relationships, meaning that they need a coach who understands and can flex to their way of working to support their success. Our coaches focus with these leaders to effectively function within your existing culture to build an environment that breeds success for all generations.

Coaching Skills for Leaders

We implement custom solutions designed to provide your managers and team leaders with the skills they need to maximize employee and team performance in today’s diverse workplace.

our coaches

All of our coaches are certified, have completed rigorous training and are carefully selected for each engagement, as we focus on delivering a balance of business experience, passion, capabilities and learning agility. 


We serve a wide variety of public and private sector clients throughout North America, including Fortune 100-2000 companies, in the following industries:



Consumer Products

Financial Services







Oil & Gas


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