Case Study: Developing Career Profiles to Develop and Retain Talent 

A global consumer goods company located in the Midwest part of the United States faced a challenge.  Nearly 70% of their new leaders were acquired externally, and they were struggling to integrate within  the company’s culture. The organization had a strong talent acquisition team that brought in excellent  talent, but these individuals were not getting promoted within the organization.  

The objective was to develop a clear, simple, and standard career progression model that could be  adapted in functions throughout the system. It was important that there was alignment in the  company’s leadership behaviors defined in their Leadership Competency Model, and the leadership  team took accountability for the identification, development, and success of future leaders by  improving their ability to support career development. This all had to be accomplished in a complex  organizational structure with changing job titles, frequent organization changes, and shifting industry  requirements. 

Simplifying Roles for Success 

LAK Group partnered with this organization to simplify roles into Career Platforms where there were  similar job accountabilities, even when the titles were different. We then designed and implemented  two core practices – Career Success Profiles and a Career Coaching structure to support the  development of individuals interested in growing their career and the company. 

The Career Success Profiles included the following elements: 

  • Leadership Expectation: Key capabilities that outline expected behaviors across all jobs, roles,  and functions. 
  • Professional Traits: Professional skills needed to perform job activities successfully.
  • Functional Capabilities: Technical skills required to deliver role outcomes and objectives.
  • Key Experiences: Educational and work achievements needed to perform at exemplary levels in  the role.
  • Succession: Definition of next steps for individuals in the role and feeder roles into the  succession plan. 

The Career Coaching experience included unlimited access (through Oriel, our on-demand coaching  platform) to professional career coaches for a six-month time frame to support the identification of  internal career opportunities, creation of a development plan, and activation of this development plan.  We also designed and implemented Career Conversations Workshops to support a manager’s ability to  have effective career conversations with team members.

Tangible Results: Success with LAK 

LAK Group challenges our partners to develop and integrate a scorecard for every talent initiative to  measure progress and define a return on their investment. In this case, the global organization  experienced the following outcomes in the second year after implementing their career success profile  process:

  1. A shift to a focus on internal pipeline development with an increase to over 70% of  leadership positions filled by internal talent.
  2. Retention of high-performing talent improved by just under 10% in two straight years.
  3. Increased participation in company development programs and perceived value of internal development resources. 
  4. Engagement of teams where leaders were promoted internally increased by 16%. 

The overall impact was strengthening and anchoring leadership and professional behaviors that  support culture, retention, and career development while enhancing employee experience and  commitment. For more information on creating tools, processes, and experiences that drive career development and  retention within your organization, contact LAK Group at 262.219.2480 or