Imagine if some of the most notable people never realized their true aspirations.

Now imagine yourself and what you want to accomplish in life and wonder – what about me? It’s time to find out. LAK’s Career Fit program helps you develop a road map for your career, helping you realize your true mission in life. To get started, log on to the Career Fit page and set up a consultation with LAK President and Co-founder Mike Milsted. It’s the first step to finding your why.

“When you start focusing on intent and purpose in your life, you can really start understanding whether or not you’re taking an active role in developing your own career.”

Mike Milsted – Owner, LAK

What is CareerFIT?

CareerFIT is a facilitated process that helps people understand how they arrived at the current point in their careers and develop a road map for going forward. CareerFIT helps you get answers to the tough questions — Am I in the right place? Am I doing the right thing? Am I having the right impact on my life? What is my legacy?

Figuring out if your career happened to you or because of you is key to unlocking your future. CareerFIT helps you get those answers, helping you focus on where you want to go and how to move forward.

CareerFIT’s Mike Milsted knows how important developing a career road map is.

He has asked himself all the same questions — and to great results. “As I look at that change that I made my own career, it was because I was working with a professional that really understood how to ask the right kinds of questions at the right time,” he says. “That helped me think in a much different way about what career meant to me. I often talk about career being a verb and being active participants in our career as we work toward our goals.”

Are you ready to find your CareerFIT?

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