Career Coaching

Career Coaching

At the LAK Group, we understand that the path to career and job search success is not always clear and is frequently disrupted. There are high stakes involved in your decisions and strategy – from personal fulfillment to financial security – your success affects not only you, but your family, friends and community.

Consider investing in career coaching to help you remove barriers to success and achieve your career goals.

The LAK Group offers a high-value, transformative career and transition coaching program for individuals seeking to explore and remove potential obstacles, while driving career goals through dynamic, face-to-face experiences, delivered by passionate experts and thought leaders in the world of career advancement and transition.

You’ll work one-on-one with a career consultant who will provide you with customized, expert advice and counsel based on your individual needs and goals. You may also work in small groups, facilitated by career consultants, with like-minded professionals facing similar challenges. These coaching and small group learning experiences provide additional value with cutting edge resources, information, support and networking.

You are your biggest asset. Isn’t it time for you to invest in yourself?

Areas of Focus

1. How People Land Jobs – Recruitment and hiring strategies are transformed by technology – Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, mobile devices and digital transformation – making job search by resume nearly obsolete. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are now managing the application process. Do you know how to hack them? Accelerate your job search learning curve and avoid wheel-spinning in this class that will bring you up-to-date on effective job search methodology.

2. Your Options and Go-To-Market Strategy – Jobs and hot skill sets are rapidly evolving and devolving at a rapid pace. Do you know which options are available to you? Do you know the viability of your role and industry? Are you happy in your current role or are you focused on re-employment? Would you like to try something new? Is a new industry in your future? Learn how to evaluate your best options based on your needs, goals and market demands.

 3. Job Search Toolkit – Job searches require sharp tools. Resumes now require digital optimization strategies. Cover letters are in a state of flux. LinkedIn profiles and strategies are rapidly replacing resume submission. How about business cards? A professional bio? A personal website? We’ll review the latest trends in job search tools and how to ensure that you are equipped with powerful tools.

 4. You Are the Product: Why Should I Buy You? – Do you know how to answer, “Why should I hire you?” Is your personal brand clearly identifying that you are the top choice for the job? Do you know how to gain a competitive edge in a marketplace full of talent? You’ll learn the basics of how to talk and write about yourself in a clear and compelling style.

 5. It’s What You Know and Who You Know – Did you know that more than 75% of jobs are hidden and networking will help you find them? It’s no longer enough to apply for a job and wait to be contacted. Finding connections to help open a door is essential to moving forward. Do you know how to find and help connections to help you? Do you know how to build and nurture a network? Do you know how to write compelling LinkedIn messages to your network? This class will accelerate both your job search and your career.

 6. Job Search Metrics and Accountability – Once you’ve identified your options and built your job search toolkit, you’ll need to fill your hours and days with substantive, high-value activity. Do you know the most effective way to spend your job search time? We’ve developed tools and metrics to keep you on track and focused on your goal.

 7. Managing Your Mindset and Self Confidence – Job loss and job search are career events that disrupt the lives of not only the jobseeker, but friends and family, too. Letting go of what happened, becoming future focused and increasing your positivity requires both internal and external focus. Learn strategies for dealing with the emotional roller coaster of a job search, and how to increase your self-confidence while dealing with rejection.

8. When Job Search Isn’t Working Anymore – Designed for job seekers who have been in search for six months or longer, this discussion will focus on refreshing and rebooting your approach to the marketplace. Correcting course and a fresh perspective will reinvigorate your campaign.

9. Presence and Influence Strategies for 50+ – 50+ job seekers face unique challenges in the marketplace. Selling yourself to professionals of younger generations requires understanding their unconscious bias, work values and preferences for interaction. Learn how to evaluate and improve your multigenerational communication and influencing skills, and how to establish your relevancy.

 10. Digital Transformation and Digital Literacy: Jobs Update – We are living in a time of exponential changes to the way we live, work and relate to one another due to the adoption of accelerated technology. Every industry, every job function is in a state of disruption. Do you know where you fit? How do you choose a career direction that is sustainable? What companies offer the security and growth you’re seeking? We’ll discuss the 4th Industrial Revolution, and the skills you need to develop now to continue in your career.

 11. Amplify Your Brand Through Authority Marketing – You may be fighting a losing battle if the first and only time a company identifies your talent is via a resume submission to an advertised job opening. LinkedIn offers a unique and powerful platform to establish yourself as a thought leader and subject matter expert. Learn how to use the update, sharing and article features to impact algorithms and bring more viewers to your profile.

 12. Resume Strategy Workshop – Resume strategy today requires a strong understanding of how companies identify and recruit top talent. You’ll learn how to move from selling your past to selling your future value. We’ll review the latest resume trends and dig into the technology of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). You’ll learn how to optimize your resume to match the increasing sophistication of algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Keyword identification, cover letter content and job search title research will also be discussed. Bring your laptop – this is a hands-on workshop, where you’ll leave with a clear plan to build a powerful resume.

 13. LinkedIn Strategy Lab and Workshop – Both job seekers and employed professionals will find great value in this workshop, designed to help you expand your network, increase your profile views and engage your audience. LinkedIn is constantly changing, and your facilitator will ensure that you know how to use the latest LinkedIn features to support your individual brand and goals. You’ll learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile to impact the algorithms that increase your “findability.” You’ll learn how to differentiate yourself from your competition, find and connect with recruiters, use groups for career management and job search, and how to amplify your brand through LinkedIn updates and articles. Bring your laptop or mobile device for a deep dive into one of the best job search and career management tools available.

It’s time to partner with professionals who are just as passionate about your career and job search success as you are. 

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Career Coaching

Our transformative career and transition coaching program is for individuals seeking to explore and remove potential obstacles, while driving career goals through dynamic, face-to-face experiences, delivered by passionate experts and thought leaders in the world of career advancement and transition.
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