80% of People Secure Jobs Using This Approach

You’ve gotten this message before: Thank you for your interest, after reviewing your application, we have decided to move forward with other candidates at this time.

The mounting challenges of finding a job in today’s automated job search process are causing many to give up the search altogether. In today’s job market, with automated systems intended to make things easier for both the job seeker and hiring company, there are 200 to 500 applicants for a posted job (on average). It’s no wonder that by the end of 2023, the US Government reported that the number of “discouraged workers” (people who believe there are no jobs available) grew, despite figures that show there are 1.6 available jobs for every job seeker (US Bureau of Labor Statistics).

With figures like that, it’s undoubtedly discouraging for anyone experiencing a job search. Every day, our team of career coaches at LAK hears from clients about the frustration of the job-search process. Some experts say the same systems designed to make it easier to apply for jobs are also clogging the system with AI-aided applications, meaning qualified candidates are more likely to get lost in the shuffle. The 5.6 million unemployed and the more than 40% of workers who say they are considering a new job in 2024 should expect the traditional application process to be a discouraging experience.

Rethinking Application Strategy

To stand out to recruiters and hiring managers, candidates need a different strategy. An LAK Career Coach tells a story of a recent candidate who left bedside nursing to support a budding medical software start-up, only to find himself out of a job when the start-up’s funding eroded. Looking at his resume, most would have never considered him for roles in the medical technology field. But, through his work with his LAK coach, he was able to tell a story about his training and stretch assignments in past roles could apply to roles he was seeking. This, combined with arming himself with a strong LinkedIn profile and a well-rounded networking strategy, helped him eventually land his next position.

Other ways to stand out, LAK suggests, include a “go-to-market” strategy, as well as a scripted and rehearsed response for why you are a fit with the company you want to work for. Overall, career coaches with LAK note that a robust networking strategy is key to overcoming the difficulty of finding a job in today’s AI-driven job-search process.