Talent Strategy

Talent Strategy

Today’s fast-paced, global business environment, coupled with the growing challenge of a rapidly changing workforce, requires a well-planned, rigorous approach to talent management. Research has shown that companies with highly effective talent management strategies, on average, achieve 26% higher revenue per employee and 41 percent lower turnover among high-performing employees.

A talent strategy is defined as a structured framework to attract, acquire, develop and retain employees while aligning with the overall company objectives. Successful talent strategies link all talent processes and provide clear direction for how your organization will manage its talent. At the LAK Group, we use a flexible and collaborative approach to assist you in developing your company’s talent strategy, which includes:

Talent Management Practices

Our team of highly experienced talent professionals can help your business transform your talent management practices in the following areas.

  • Succession Management: An effective succession planning strategy is critical for any organization to achieve sustained success. We partner with organizations to evaluate your current state of talent reviews and succession planning. From there, we tailor our approach to set the stage for the design and delivery of a high-impact pipeline planning process to meet your unique business goals.
  • Success Profile Development: The LAK Group helps organizations and leaders clearly define behaviors, professional traits, key motivators and critical experiences for key roles in your organization. Our approach enables you to effectively identify, evaluate, prepare and retain future leaders, while developing a diverse pipeline of talent. 
  • Talent Alignment & Planning: Agile organizations use strategic talent planning to counter change with preparation, along with designing aligned people strategies that reinforce overall business strategies. We balance business processes, organizational goals and individual capabilities to deliver an integrated approach to talent planning. Our holistic approach creates structures that motivate and enable positive growth and put the right people in the right seats, so everyone wins.
  • Organization Design: At the LAK Group, we go beyond lines and boxes to define decision rights, accountabilities, internal governance and linkages. Our design solutions help clients manage complexity to ensure sustained performance. We assess the strengths and weaknesses of the current organization and partner with key stakeholders to facilitate the design of the desired structure.
  • Talent Review Facilitation: Our transparent and proven talent review process gives organizations a clearer understanding of its talent at every level. The result is a validated and consensus-based succession plan that outlines specific actions and enables your organization to develop talent in order to maximize both individual and business impact.


  • Candidate Experience Assessment
  • Exit Interviews
  • Engagement and Retention
  • Performance Management

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