Executive Recruiting Services

Executive Recruiting Services

Relax. We’ve got you.

Helping you recruit the best candidates for your business is our business. With a proprietary recruiting process that synthesizes our expertise, resources, and technologies with your needs, we work together to identify strategies and solutions that boost your company’s productivity. We recognize that every customer and every industry faces different challenges. Our seasoned staff is strategic, highly focused, and creates specific recruiting programs that are custom-crafted to contribute to your particular business objectives.

The LAK Group approach is not your traditional recruiting process. We focus on identifying, selecting, and integrating a sustainable pipeline of diverse talent who will fit professionally and culturally using the following framework.

Talent Placement and Integration Approach


Integrating an assessment framework to align selection, development and succession planning within all of the talent practices.


Our proprietary recruiting process synthesizes our expertise, resources and technologies with your needs to fill critical roles.

Onboard and develop

We provide transition coaches to support the integration of new team members, reducing time to competence and increasing retention.

Our process is adaptable to business needs. We leverage our unparalleled resources, technologies, expertise and strategies to ensure our clients establish a sustainable talent pipeline.

Solutions 1 Solution


Cooperation, NOT Competition.  This is an ideal solution for clients that have multiple searches and need a better solution to ensure objectives are met. We embed with your organization and take over all or specific searches and utilize our expertise, resources and strategies on your behalf to bring better, more aligned, qualified and interested candidates faster.

Our approach has improved our client’s success rate to over 92% versus the industry average of less than 28%.

Talent Select

This program was created for clients that have a critical search within their organization that requires the right person.

When good enough isn’t good enough!

We partner with you to ensure alignment and utilize our expertise, resources and strategies on your behalf to bring better, more aligned, qualified and interested candidates faster.

From identification to selection and on-boarding to coaching. All inclusive search for critical hires.

Project Vision

“Project Vision” is an ethical approach to gathering and valuing competitive and actionable intelligence from the source.

“What do you want to learn?”

There are very few opportunities to acquire true competitive and actionable

Our process includes full competitor overview and information (direct/vertical/tertiary)

Experts on Demand- Consultants

“Our Experts are your Expertise”:

Our 25,000+ industry experts have an average of 28 years experience in their respective industries and ready to solve your problem or provide expertise on demand.

Your singular event is a common issue that our industry experts have seen and solved hundreds of times! From project, competition, growth opportunities, turn around, financial engineering, global expansion, sourcing. It’s in there…


Future CEO

Future CEO Program offers key industry leaders the financial backing, resources and strategies where we identify, engage and acquire a company in which you would become the CEO with ownership in the company.

We have successfully placed industry leaders for CEO succession plans, turnarounds and newly acquired acquisitions and will lead the identification and research of potential targets in your industry and location preference.

Leadership Solutions

Our comprehensive solutions employ multiple methods to evaluate an individual’s ability to perform, fit and make an enduring impact in a critical leadership role while also decreasing uncertainty and risk involved when adding senior leaders through hiring, promotion and succession planning.

We offer an objective perspective for key talent management processes, including:

  • Assessment
  • Coaching
  • Culture
  • Development
  • Succession Planning
  • Talent
  • Training

Candidate Validation

ACS Global, Inc. provides a hybrid service for client’s that do not need full search services and have internal or externally identified candidates. We provide an unbiased approach that includes full leadership profiling, interviewing and validation of each candidate. Scorecards, notes and candidate risk, ranking + training, development recommendations for each. ACS Global process can also include resourcing potential ACS Global candidates for comparison purposes to ensure “your best candidate” is the “the best candidate”.

The Numbers on Current Recuiting


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of hiring managers say they feel their current recruiting strategies attract good candidates


of hiring managers say they would like better candidates than they currently receive

days average a role for strategic hire stays open before filled

average cost for a bad hire per a CAREERBUILDER survey

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