How do you Turn a cutback into a


How do you Turn a cutback into a


For employers. And employees.

It’s our mission to change lives, especially when profound change and uncertainty is happening — both for companies and their employees.

For companies that are going through downsizing events, we do everything in our power to turn an unfortunate situation into one of opportunity while handling a very difficult job for the companies we serve.

For individuals who have gone through a layoff, our mission is to help identify and secure meaningful outcomes aligned with their passions. Our career coaches are dedicated to working with our clients, and to this mission. We are dedicated solely to our purpose-driven, full-service approach allowing us to live our passion: to perform “outplacement with purpose” through the work we do, day in, day out.

And we realize that when a reduction in the workforce has to happen, a company must navigate public perception and ensure they have a purpose driven approach.

We Turn Elimination into Elevation.

Here’s how we do it.

Now more than ever, we realize that a company’s reputation means everything. In today’s social media driven world, it is crucial to understand, protect, and nurture this reputation. That’s why for so many companies we become an extension of their corporate culture. Allowing us to provide outplacement services will help elevate your brand, enhance cultural fit and reduce distrust both within and from outside your company.

Our outplacement services offer a tailored and relevant experience to help people discover their next career move. We help them discover their passion and magnetize their career search process. We take the time necessary to understand them and our work is driven by the outcomes they identify. Our programs are designed to meet the needs of each person, where they are right now, in an ever-changing job market.


Our comprehensive career transition coaching program puts people first. In fact it combines dedicated and unlimited one-on-one consultation that utilizes the latest technology to employ appropriate, contemporary career search strategies for each individual. From helping to alleviate the stress and uncertainty that comes from job loss to assisting with salary and contract negotiations and onboarding, the experienced team at the LAK Group is here. We are with you through your full search journey and work with you through your successful onboarding.

Our coaching program is comprised of four key pillars:

  1. Create and execute practical career strategies
  2. Activate networking contacts
  3. Assess opportunities
  4. Create a balance for lifelong personal and professional satisfaction

A dedicated and passionate career coach

Unlimited access to all career coaching resources for the duration of their journey

100% satisfaction guaranteed

Our coaching program is comprised of four key pillars

Create and execute practical career strategies

Activate networking contacts

Assess opportunities

Create a balance for lifelong personal and professional satisfaction

Outplacement is assistance provided to displaced employees in hopes of helping them find new employment. This service is either provided as a benefit by the employer directly or through a specialist service.   

Outplacement services help people as they leave an organization to develop structure necessary to create their career plan and search strategy.  It helps them figure out what the next step in their lives is going to be by focusing on their value and how to tell their story as they move forward. There are significant benefits for displaced employees as well as the organization providing these services.

Outplacement services can include individualized career coaching, assessments, career planning, social media strategy development, resume reviews, job search strategy, and interview training.  LAK Group’s expert career coaches bring with them real-world experience and provide exceptional and relevant tools in providing an Outplacement experience We help people meet their outcomes, with Purpose, as they decide how to move forward.

There are many ways in which employers benefit from providing outplacement services, including:
  • Working with a firm that is an extension of their brand reinforces their values in supporting their displaced employees until they land.
  • Reduced time employees are drawing on severance and / or unemployment.
  • Better reputation derived from supporting employees as they are exited and helping them transition to their new careers.
  • A sense of satisfaction in knowing they are doing the right thing for their employees at a difficult time for both the employee and the company.