The LAK Group Launches New Brand

BROOKFIELD, WI (August 4, 2020) – The LAK Group a leading management consulting firm, officially launched its new logo and branding to reflect the organization’s focus on improving business alignment, establishing a steady rhythm for leaders and employees, and inspiring organizations to perform at their best. 

The focal point of the rebranding effort features a new logo, which includes the image of a metronome – derived from the Greek word “metron” (meaning Measure) and “nemo” (meaning I Lead).

“After years of working closely with a variety of clients to transform careers, cultures and organizations, we view the LAK Group as a conductor, in that we help businesses improve their timing (business alignment) and stick to a standard tempo (resiliency), said Michael Grubich, President & Managing Partner. “Furthermore, we help strengthen an organization’s ability to adjust to changing market demands, while assisting leaders to become more agile so they can adapt to the needs of their people and teams.”

“Inspiring organizations and people to work in tandem, ensuring that all parts are integrated and working together is also a big focus for the LAK Group,” added Mike Milsted, President & Managing Partner. “We also help people who are out of sync get back into an aligned rhythm, especially when emotion or other disruptors come into play.”

In addition to the new, more contemporary logo, the LAK Group’s new brand assets include a refreshed color palette, which has been infused into the firm’s recently redesigned website, thought leadership materials, graphics, communications and correspondence.


About the LAK Group

For more than 40 years, the LAK Group has been transforming careers, cultures and organizations throughout North America. With a focus on delivering individually tailored solutions, the LAK Group has helped a variety of clients in healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, energy exploration, development and distribution, insurance, consumer packaged goods, and bioscience to shape their company cultures, align and implement effective talent strategies, identify and develop leaders, and support those in career transition. For more information, visit