Culture Shaping

Culture Shaping

Transforming workforce culture is challenging and requires understanding unspoken rules and unconscious behaviors, challenging them, and then shaping them in a different direction. At the LAK Group, we help companies shape their organizational culture to address a variety of business situations and challenges, including:
  • Aligning executive teams when there are new leaders and/or new roles
  • Integrating cultures following mergers and acquisitions
  • Supporting new strategies and structures
  • Minimizing cultural barriers to change when implementing systems or processes
  • Creating greater organizational agility to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing marketplace
We also offer transformational shaping experiences at the individual, team and organizational level that connect culture, strategy and leadership. It all adds up to yielding significant and sustainable results for you and your business. Are you ready to reshape your culture and drive business success?

Our Approach to Transforming Culture

The LAK Group incorporates a five-step experiential and integrated culture-shaping methodology with customized elements to meet the specific needs of your organization. The result is a clear understanding of the current culture and the steps required to transform culture as defined by the leadership team.

  1. Diagnose – No two organizations are alike, that’s exactly why we spend the time it takes to understand the unique character of your organization and design a customized approach to help you reach and sustain a high-performing culture. We begin by conducting a rigorous assessment process utilizing surveys, qualitative data collection methods and facilitated processes with stakeholders to gain a deep and multifaceted understanding of your existing culture and defining the cultural behaviors needed to advance your organization’s performance.
  1. Unify – With the diagnosis complete, we leverage your leadership team’s history and our knowledge of each individual to create shaping experiences and action plans that prepare them to drive cultural transformation, while developing common employee and leadership behaviors to shape the desired culture.  
  1. Activate – From there, we facilitate the delivery of education and practical application to all levels, using an experiential-based learning framework. This step guides your leaders and their teams to engage in specific behaviors aligned with your desired culture, including an integrated communication strategy to support the culture-shaping process.
  1. Integrate – We identify and define organizational practices, systems, performance drivers and talent processes, as well as developing action plans to align them with your desired culture. This includes incorporating coaching to reinforce the behavior changes that are required to sustain performance.
  1. Sustain – To ensure sustained success, the LAK Group utilizes proven reinforcement mechanisms to ensure positive cultural drivers and new leader behaviors are embedded in existing systems and processes. This process will establish a baseline of tailored measures to regularly monitor progress at the team and organizational level, with a focus on defined culture dimensions.

Change ManagemenT

At the LAK Group, we believe that there is a direct connection between organizational resilience and business success. Our approach to change management provides you with a structured process to manage change and creates a new mindset for your organization to respond to it.

Our methodology integrates critical steps to guide your leaders through a process of defining outcomes, aligning activities, clarifying roles and communicating effectively. We also implement the tools necessary for individuals, teams and your entire organization to successfully navigate change. Our change management model provides a dynamic set of tools and resources designed to support your organization through change regardless of size, scope and complexity.

culture shaping

Employer Branding

Industries are evolving, technology keeps advancing and the global workforce is highly mobile, increasing the challenge to attract, retain and maintain a diverse pipeline of talent. Your employer brand communicates the identity of your organization and the career proposition it promises to potential and current employees. 

Your employer brand encompasses your organization’s purpose, values, culture and personality. Your ability to clearly establish and communicate your employer brand impacts recruitment, retention and engagement of your current employees, as well as the overall perception of your organization in the market.

What does your employer brand say about you?

Our process and insights are well-documented

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