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Take the first step in solidifying the growth of your employees and your business.

The LAK Group works with leaders to transform your business goals into human-centric strategies, so everybody wins, even as your market changes.



Our assessment solutions provide organizations with a clear understanding of the talent they need, the talent they have, and how to close the gaps. Developing the best and brightest talent is key to outperforming your competition and developing clear, long-lasting business strategies. We provide a variety of assessments that the LAK group is ready to integrate into your business.


Using culture can drive your business towards success. We help companies shape their organizational culture to address the ever-changing landscape of your industry by deploying resilient, high-impact methods that prepare for change.


The integration of business and talent strategy is the answer to your company’s success. From talent acquisition and succession planning to retention practices and performance management, the LAK Group is prepared to help you reach your goals. We deploy proven methods of improvement designed to help you transform your talent management practices.


Unlock the potential of your leaders. Our approach to coaching provides high-impact experiences that result in behavior change and business success across every level of your organization.


When you need guidance in developing the next generation of intelligent, dynamic professionals to lead your organization into the future, the LAK Group can help you breed extraordinary leaders. Pinpointing individuals within the business and giving them the tools to succeed will unlock potential and unprecedented company growth.


In a world where organizations face unprecedented change, moving those that no longer fit your business structure allows room to find new talent or move key employees into new positions. Specializing in outplacement and assisting outplaced individuals allows LAK Group to help your company and help workers find a job aligned with their passions and purpose.

Job Seeker

Are you unsure how to get to the next chapter of your career? LAK Group career coaches personalize each experience to support you in your unique search while offering high-value, transformative career advancement advice and career coaching.


Are you looking to fill a specific role in your organization? Let the LAK Group connect you with the perfect candidate.


To find, retain, and grow talent in the healthcare field, developing solid and impactful leaders always produces a sustainable outcome. Let the LAK Group make your healthcare organization the employer of choice in today’s competitive market.

{One thing that comes to mind, is that I have received many phone calls from displaced employees that recounted the personalized service they received from them. Rather than provide time-limited programs, they work with each person until they are re-employed and stay on top of them as needed to ensure success.
Executive Vice President, Human Resources
Chicago, Illinois
{Consistency and commitment are two things that come to mind when I think of LAK Group. I trust them to provide a consistent and dedicated effort on every assignment, and that they will deliver the service we require. In doing these things, they continue to build their business relationship with our organization in the U.S. and Canada.
Executive Vice President, Human Resources
Des Plaines, Illinois
{During our decade long business relationship, I have developed a trust and comfort level in the service they provide. Our employees, regardless of their level, are treated with the highest degree of professionalism and they truly like working with LAK Group. They have a track record of proven success on every assignment I have given them.
Regional Business President
Los Angeles, California
{The professionalism of the organization is very evident in every assignment I give to them. I have peace of mind that they will take care of the individuals who lead our company, regardless of their locations across North America. With a business relationship of over 25 years, they are time-tested and proven to be very successful.
Chief Human Resources Officer
Tampa, Florida
{I was grateful for your willingness to be available for discussions and making me feel like my search was your search. Your perspective on many issues was counterintuitive and helped me to make good decisions. Your counsel focused me on remaining true to leading an organization and helping sort out the various offers and options presented to me.
Minneapolis, Minnesota
{The coaching you provided to a member of my senior staff was most valuable in helping this individual assimilate into his new role. In particular, his ability to interact with key executives at a new level and lead his team forward was significantly enhanced. I plan on using LAK Group's Onboarding/Assimilation Coaching in the future.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
{LAK Group is more than just a consultant for my company, they are a true business partner. Their reputation is know throughout our organization and their outplacement programs help soften the impact of staff reductions. Employees throughout Canada and the U.S. know that they care about helping them get on with their lives and better themselves, versus just getting a job.
Director of Human Resources
Toronto, Canada